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Right after their menstrual cycle (period).

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No; you can be less fertile.

you are more fertile than other women after having a child.

it is them ovaulating or becoming fertile. they must be fertile to have children

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

the populatio for women is 148461994

A woman is less fertile when she is not ovulating, which depends on her menstrual cycle, which varies from person to person.

Stick a drink down their neck and they're always fertile.

Having a D&C will neither make a fertile women infertile, nor make an infertile women fertil.

Fat women CAN get pregnant. Sometimes a fat woman may have health problems which make her less fertile, but rarely infertile.

Days when women can get pregnant when they have sex.

less fertile, less quality,less productive

Millets are known as coarse grains that can be grown on less fertile and sandy soil.

Men do not stop being fertile, Women stop when they pass though the "menopause".

Typically as a woman ages, she has less fertile days. Many women can tell they are fertile by the egg white cervical mucus they have. Usually the younger you are, the more of these days you have.

the women is fertile and watch out

Confident women Good health Fertile Low divorce Rate

Different women have different menstrual cycles. Women are most fertile during ovulation. You can figure out when you ovulate by charting your menstrual cycle or by talking with your doctor.

It is used for people who have no water and it is used to give fertile water to the plants. I need a fertile women in my life.

No, it is less fertile. While it contains sperm, they are less motile (ref: Contraceptive Technology). However, it still can pass on sexually transmitted disease.

By having sex with a man when she is fertile and not using protection.

Depends on how old the female is. If she is younger still very fertile. Having children doesn't change how fertile you are, age does. 30+ are much less fertile than someone in their 20's.

A girl is not fertile before she starts puberty, or after menopause. Some women have medical conditions that render them infertile, such as ovarian cancer.

Two weeks before her period and two weeks after.

yes it does that is when a women is most fertile

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