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Women are most likely to conceive at the time of ovulation. Ovulation can happen a week after your period until your next period.

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Q: When are women more likely to conceive?
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Can your conceive if you previously had syphilis?

You likely can conceive if you previously had syphilis.

How likely is it to conceive when not ovulating?

You normally won't conceive when you are not ovulating. Check out this article for more info:

Are women or men more likely to be emotional abusers?

Women Women are very likely to get away with it.

Is it difficult to conceive at age 38?

While it is somewhat more difficult to conceive past the age of 35, many women have children at that age and older. It is not unusual for a women well over 40 to have healthy children.

Is it more likely to have twins if you conceive right after going off of the pill?

No. This is an oldwives tale. - river

Who are more likely to be the single parents men or women?


Are women more likely to be bitten by cats?

Women are more often bitten by cats

Are men or women more likely to blackout do to alcohol?

At the same level of absolute consumption of alcohol, women are more likely to experience a blackout.

Are Women are more likely to be afflicted with Alzheimer's disease than men?

Yes, women are more likely to achieve Alzheimer's disease then men.

Who is likely to get Multiple Sclerosis?

Usually women but more likely when pregnant

Can a women conceive if sex is done in rectum?

No they will not conceive as the result of anal sex To conceive sexual penetration and ejaculation needs to be done via the vagina.

Who is more likely to shake a child?

Men are more likely than women to shake a child

How is it that How is it that Michelle Duggar can conceive every year in her forties when most women are becoming infertile?

Some women are more fertile than others, regardless of age.

How likely is it to conceive a second child?

Very likely, people do it all the time.

How many women where killed in the first year of the Holocaust?

i do not have a figure, but in the first year men were more likely to die than women, as they were worked to death. In the later years women were more likely to die as then those not selected for work were more likely to be put to death.

What gender is most likely to have gout?

Between men and women males are more likely to have it before women go through menopause. After women have gone through menopause they are equally likely to get it.

Who gets abused more white or black women?

Likely white women.

Are blackout more likely to be experienced by men?

No, women are more likely experience blackout than men.

Which is the best position to conceive a baby?

the best way to conceive is missionary, or the man on top and women laying on her back

When are women most likely to develop canker sores?

Women are more likely to have canker sores during their premenstrual period.

Are women more likely to die before men?


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What symptoms of a heart attack are women more likely to experience than men?

Women are more likely to experience nausea, shortness of breath and jaw pain. -amk

What age do you stop having babies?

whatever age you want but from 35 up your baby is likely to get downs syndrome ==== Most women reach menopause - the point at which they can no longer conceive and have babies between the ages of 49 and 52 - although some women reach that point younger and some manage to conceive past 52. The oldest recorded age for woman to conceive more or less naturally was Dawn Brooke (UK) who conceived a son at the age of 59 years in 1997 while taking oestrogen. A few women have gotten pregnant in their 60s but they were ally via IVF.