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A person can truly only answer this question for themselves. However, it would be best to be physically, mentally, and legally mature before engaging in any sexual intercourse or activity so that one can be best prepared for anything that may come along with sexual relationships.


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She should expect to lose her virginity when she's ready and actually willing to lose it.

When you are ready and of legal age.

It's for a male to lose his virginity when he is mentally, physically, and legally mature and ready, and when he is willing. Any sooner can be trouble.

It depends on if you are both ready and willing.

There is no set age for teens to lose their virginity as everyone makes their own individual choices based on their feelings and particular situations. Some aren't ready to lose their virginity in their teenage years at all and wait til they are a bit or much older before engaging in sexual intercourse.

When they are absolutely ready; though that may not be in their teenage years.

Listen to your brain and not your groin. When all of you is ready, you're ready

Yes, anyone can lose their virginity, but not everyone does.

You can't know. You should do it when you are 100% sure you want it then you know you are read

No real way to tell except for when you do lose your virginity.

You shouldn't try to force, trick, get, or pressure someone into losing their virginity. If they are not ready, then they simply are not and it's not anyone elses choice or business to speed them along.

My answer would be that it is your wedding night.Its not about when ...its like about with whoom i mean if u love someone then ur ready .. And its not same with every person

No - when you lose your virginity it is because you have had sexual intercourse.

Whenever she has sex. There is no set time to lose your virginity.

When guys lose their virginity, absolutely nothing changes.

No, she did not lose her virginity. In order for someone to lose their virginity, sexual intercourse needs to take place. If all she did was kiss, she's a virgin.You do not lose your virginity by just kissing. You can not lose it from just kissing.Anyone can kiss someone. You have to have sex to lose virginity.

Whether it is by force or from consent, anyone can lose their virginity at any age though it is recommended that a person is of mature (and legal) age and mindset before engaging in any sexual activity. A girl can lose her virginity at any age, but that doesn't mean she should have sex before she's ready.

Not even hitting your cervix with a dildo would make you lose your virginity. You have to have a penis in your vagina to lose your virginity.

Yes, a gay guy can lose his virginity. Anyone can.

Virginity means not having had sex with someone else. As to whether or not to lose it, see the Related Question referenced/linked below. ("When should you lose your virginity")

Virginity is not about masturbation. It requires a partner to lose your virginity.

At any age, by having sexual intercourse, you will lose your virginity.

You can only lose your virginity once. Once it is gone, you can never regain it.

When u have sex for tge first time is when u lose ur virginity

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