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Q: When are your children no longer considered your military dependents?
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Can married teenagers living at home go on parents insurance?

This is not a legal question, but a question about the insurance policy. However, most insurance policies no longer allow children to be dependents if they are married.

Why do you have to keep paying your ex spouse child support in arrears long after the children are no longer dependents?

You're in arrears because you didn't pay the money when you should have. You owe them a debt, and you must pay it.

How much is family separation allowance for the usaf?

The amount of Family Separation Allowance for the US Air Force (USAF) is $250 per month. This allowance is provided to military personnel who are required to live separately from their dependents due to military duties for a period longer than 30 days.

Why were Britain and France no longer considered super powers?

A super power is a state or country that has a dominant position in international relations. After World War 2 Britain and France were no longer considered super powers do to their lack of economic and military strength.

Can a judgment for the right to claim dependents on taxes be valid if no longer on child support?

It can be. The one does not automatically invalidate the other.

What age is your employer allowed to stop your dependents health care?

They can stop including your dependents whenever you desire if they are no longer living with you or are covered elsewhere. If you mean how long can you keep them covered, the answer is up to 26 years old if you desire such.

How can Solomons temple be a symbol of Jewish history and culture when it no longer stands?

I'll answer that with a question. How can Alexander the Great be considered a symbol of military prowess when he's no longer living? Your question is, of course, without logic.

What is the legal age that a parent is no longer responsible for their children in Indiana?

18 or until they are emancipated by court order, marriage or enlisted in active military duty.

What does Dropped from the roles in the military mean?

no longer of the military services

Are in-laws considered family after divorce?

Officially they are no longer "family" to the ex spouse although they are "family" to any children born of the marriage. Of course, they may always be considered "family" in spirit if the parties have a good relationship.

Do you pay child support for child in the military?

In some cases joining the military is considered emancipation, ie. the custodial parent is not supporting the child any longer, thus it can stop. You must check your state laws.

When do you not wear military dog tags?

When you are either dead or no longer in the Military.