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Airsoft AK47 guns are not advertised as including a certificate of ownership or a certificate of authentication. Air guns are commonly utilized to hunt small game or vermin, or for use in target shooting.

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Q: When buying a Airsoft AK47 gun does it come with a certificate?
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How do you build an airsoft rifle?

by buying all of the parts nessecary such as motor gearbox wireing body hopup barrell assembly etc to come togehter to have an airsoft gun go to learn more.

Where can you buy a real AK47?

Come to Soweto South Africa.

Will an airsoft gun work on a car battery?

Yes. You shouldn't try this on a cheap or unmodified gun. if you do not have the proper upgrades for your gun it could result in a series if problems like striping of gears and so on. A car battery will increase the ROF (rate of fire) of your airsoft gun a lot. The ROF may double or even triple depending on how you have upgraded. To buy custom airsoft guns that have already been modified for this purpose go to There are no pictures yet. I am the owner of the site and until now the site has been used to regular airsoft guns and equipment. i have decided to major in custom airsoft guns and have been taking this website apart to fit its new purpose. I have been working on many different versions including ak47's and m249's. The ak47 should be the first gun to come out but I may release the m249 first. There are many kinks to be worked out and until then just sit tight! Airsoft guns have never been used in this way so i am sure you understand how dificult it is. Untill then just stay tuned!

How much do Electric Airsoft kits usually cost to buy?

The cost of an electric Airsoft kits depends on the model and the accessories that come with it. Typically electric Airsoft kits can cost anywhere from $20 to $100.

Can you get spring air pistols?

Yes they come in both airsoft and pellet format. See the link Below for Spring Pellet pistols and Airsoft pistols

What airsoft plate carier will fit a kid?

Plate carriers do not come in childrens sizes. If you are worried about a kids protection in arisoft then they are not old enough to be playing airsoft.

Does the Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft Gun come with a charger when you buy it?


What is the right bb size for 325 fps?

BB's for air guns (NOT airsoft) only come in one size .175 commonly referred to as .177 caliber. If you want to know about airsoft BB's then you need to put the question in the "Airsoft category."

Should you use the airsoft pellets in the box or not?

99% of the time, the bb's that come in a box with an airsoft gun are crap and should not be used in your gun. That shouldn't be too big of an inconvenience considering they only come with like 20 bb's.

What does r.o.f. mean in airsoft?

Rate of fire or how many BBs come out every second.

When did the Ak-47 first come out?

The first AK47 was originally made in 1946, however after testing it came out in 1947 (as the name suggests).

Do birds eat airsoft bbs?

No, birds do not eat Airsoft BB's. But they are made of non-toxic plastic and would not harm them if they did. They would simply come out the other end in the course of nature.