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When can a girl have a baby?

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Physically she can get pregnant right before she gets her period for the first time since you always ovulate first. When it comes to maturity and be able to provide for the baby you have to wait until after school.

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What is a baby girl?

A baby girl is a girl who is a baby, or, sometimes used in a derogatory sense, an address for a woman.

How do you say baby girl in Dutch?

baby girl is 'baby meisje' but it's normal to say 'baby' or little girl and little girl is 'klein meisje' in dutch.

Did Beyonce have a baby boy or a baby girl?

she had a baby girl called blue eveys

Is it correct 'she have a baby girl'?

By itself, no. It would be correct to ask, "Does she have a baby girl?" Otherwise, you'd either use present-tense, "She has a baby girl," or past-tense, "She had a baby girl"

What do you need to have a baby on meez?

go to the search bar at the right hand side of the screen and then put in baby girl, baby girl with boy, baby boy with girl, or baby boy

Where is the sponge on the game your baby girl?

wher is the sponge on my baby girl.

Is Edward and Bella's baby a girl?

Yes, their baby is a girl. Renesmee, their baby, is born in Breaking Dawn.

Do Simba and Nala have a girl cub or a boy cub?

[= A Little Baby Girl =][= A Little Baby Girl =]

Do Jessica Alba have a baby girl?

Yes, her baby girl is Honor Marie.

Is halle berry's baby a boy or girl?

Halle Berry's baby is a girl.

What is baby girl in Filipino?

baby girl in Filipino: sanggol na babae

What is the chance in percent that a baby will be a girl?

The chance of a baby being a girl is 50%.

How do you make baby girl?

you make a baby girl by marrying a guy if your a girl then u have a boy our a girl but to have a girl i don't now it jest happens

When a girl calls you baby?

whe a girl says ''hey baby or ''thanks baby or ''sorry baby'' it means she adores you or wants to have a relationship with you

How do you get Pregnant with Baby Boy?

The male carries the gene for a boy or girl baby, not the girl

What to say on the birth of a new baby girl?

Congratulations on your arrival of your new baby girl

What is the Hebrew word for baby girl?

"Tinoket" (תינוקת).

How do you say you want a baby girl in french?

Baby girl in French is: Bébé fille.

When Can You Find Out If Your Baby Is A Boy Or A Girl?

In about 12 weeks you find out if your baby is a boy or girl.

How do you write our baby girl in cambodian language?

how do you write-our baby girl - in the cambodian language

Can a girl that is 5 yr old have a baby?

A girl cant get a baby before puberty.

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