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It is generally required that the petition for nomination be filed after the primary election

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Q: When can an independent candidate file for nomination?
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When can an independent candidate may file a petition of nomination?

After the primary election

What is nomination speech?

A nomination speech is when a candidate who is chosen first speaks. The speech includes where the candidate stands and why you should chose him or her.

What is an act of naming a candidate for office?


Where does a candidate officially receive the nomination of their party for President?

A candidate that is running for President receives their nomination at their party's convention. This is a meeting that is held to announce the results of an election.

How many delegates does a candidate need to be nominated?

1237 for the Republican nomination; 2383 for the Democratic nomination.

Sample of nomination speech?

Nomination speeches should contain the good points of a candidate. The speech should also contain the education of the nominee and why the candidate should be nominated.

What is the difference between election and nomination?

An election - is a voting system to select a candidate(s) by the number of votes cast. Nomination - is the process of deciding on the candidate(s) who will stand in the election.

How many delegates does a candidate need to get the republican nomination?

1144 delegates are needed to win the 2012 Republican nomination.

When is the vice-president candidate offically chosen?

The VP candidate is chosen soon after the presidential nomination is made.

What is an election to decide a party's candidate?

The nomination and party primary.

What do you call a candidate who wins a nomination unexpectedly?

A dark horse

What is the naming of a candidate who will seek election for public office?


Who was the first darkhorse candidate to win a partys nomination?

James K. Polk was the firstm darkhorse canidate to win a partys nomination

The nomination of a party's candidate by popular vote is called?

direct primaries

What is GOP presidential nomination?

Republican party candidate nominated for for presidency

What candidate earned the republican nomination in 1912?

William Howard Taft.

How does the candidate running for president get the party nomination?

The candidate ask them question and when they get their answer they just run> it depends if they are good in bed. if they are they get chosen

The first African American candidate to compete seriously for the presidential nomination was?


Which candidate appeared likely to capture the Democratic nomination for President in 1968?

Robert Kennedy seemed to have almost a lock on the Democratic nomination in 1968 when he was killed.

How many delegates does a republican need to to win the nomination?

There are 2,286 delegates to be chosen. A candidate must accumulate 1,144 delegate to win the Republican nomination.

When is the republican candidate decided?

If no candidate wins a majority in the primaries, the nomination for 2016 will be decided at the national convention July 18-21 in Cleveland.

Who was the nomination of James K. Polk as the democrats' 1844 presidential candidate was secured by?


What is the main goal of an exploratory committee?

to research a candidate's chances of winning the party nomination and the general election.

Why was Millard fillmore the whig nomination for president in 1852?

Fillmore was not nominated by the Whigs in 1852. He was a strong candidate for the nomination, being favored by the Southern delegates, but General Winfield Scott eventually won the nomination on the 53th ballot.

How do you become an independent party candidate for governor in Texas?

That can never happen. If you are an "independent" the you are standing alone, by yourself and not affiliated to any party. Thus there is no such thing as an "independent partycandidate".