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When can you brush your teeth after an extraction?

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2014-04-08 19:26:14

My doctor's directions were to wait 24 hours before brushing my

teeth. I bought a baby toothbrush for the teeth directly next to

the extraction site; this give better control so that the

extraction site is not hit during the brushing process. Also, they

say to "drool" out and NOT spit for 1 week following the

extraction, as this may rupture the blood clot. The same is true

for ALL mouthwashes - do NOT use. The 1 tsp salt in 1cup of luke

warm water mixture is to be gently moved around the extraction

site, by the tilting of the head - do NOT swish, as this may

rupture the blood clot.

It's best to wait about a week after the extraction to brush

your teeth. 24 hours after the extraction you can rinse with warm

water and salt. Do not swish but very gently move your head to move

the water in your mouth. Its best to "drool" it out. Do not spit or

swish as this can remove the blood clots and cause dry socket which

is very very painful.

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