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All you have to do to hire plowers on farm town is to go to the marketplace and click on an avatar. Next just click hire to plow and if they agree to work for you then they will go to your farm. For cool farm town cheats check out

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You need to have 10 farm town neighbors

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Q: When can you hire plowers on Farm Town?
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When will the big seeder arrive at farm town?

The seeders, harvesters, and plowers have arrived! I noticed them today! Oct. 21, 2009

What are the harvesters and seeders tools in Farm Town for?

You can buy in the shops seeders, harvesters, plowers, fishing boats and tree shakers. There are different types of these including: X2, X4, X6, X8...

What level do you have to be to hire people to plow on your farm on Farmtown on Facebook?

You don't have to be a level you have to have 10 neighbors on farm town.

When did the New Jersey colony start?

well it started by the plowing farm lands (like the seal of new jersey it has 3 plowers on it)

Is there a faster way to harvest on Farm Town?

Go to the marketplace and hire other people to do it for you. It's faster and you make more money that way.

What is better farm town or FarmVille?

Farm Town is better and was started earlier. I noised that lots of users stopped using farm town when farm ville started. Big mistake, farm town made upgrades far past milking cows, they have a different faculity every week that will make you more coins. The Market place lets you hire people for more coins or experience points. The bar lets you interact with others, the realator lets you purchace more farms and land. There is machines that make all this faster. Lots more

What is the nearest farm town to London?

There is nothing in England described as a farm town.

When was Town-Hollister Farm created?

Town-Hollister Farm was created in 1810.

What is a baby farm?

A baby farm is a place where the nourishment and care of babies are offered for hire.

What is Aligudarz Company Farm Town's population?

The population of Aligudarz Company Farm Town is 394.

When was Wye Town Farm House created?

Wye Town Farm House was created in 1800.

Can you haul for hire in Oklahoma with farm tags?

No. If you're operating as a third party, on a for-hire basis, you're operating as a commercial motor carrier, regulated by the ICC. Farm vehicles are exempt from CDL and ICC requirements, because they're not hauling for hire - thus, they're not considered commercial vehicles. If you do what you're suggesting, and trying to haul for hire with farm tags, expect the USDOT and OKDOT both to come down on you like a ton of bricks. For a CMV to be eligible to be tagged with farm tags and registered as a farm use vehicle, it must belong to a specific farm. It may only be used for the purposes of that farm, and it may only be operated within 150 miles of that farm.