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When can you retired from being a soccer player?


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Once a player reaches about 35-38 they consider retirement. Goalkeepers tend to go on slightly longer.


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AnswerYes Ronaldo has retired from soccer he retired from his team in Brazil and from soccer on Feb.14.2011

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a famous soccer player from Portugal. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was a famous soccer player from Brazil. He is now retired as a player.

The most famous professional soccer player is known all over the world but is now retired. This professional player is David Beckham.

No, Diego Maradona retired in 1997.

The first black woman soccer player was named Briana Scurry. She was the goalkeeper. As of 2014, she is now retired.

the best thing of being a soccer player is the money and u do wat u love 4 a job and that's the best thing about being a soccer player

Even retired Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé) is the greatest soccer player on the world. Now if you ask who the current best soccer player, it is sidenei melo, the great champ.

Gianluca Vialli is a retired Italian soccer player. He played striker.

He has retired and is organizing the rebirth of the New York Cosmos.

There are many potential hazards of being a soccer player. You run the risk of breaking a leg for example.

I'm not very sure. But there was a 19 year old I heard, who was injured on his debut, and after the match, he retired from FOOTBALL, not soccer. Stanley Matthews retired from professional football at the root age of 50.

a famous person in Brazil is Pele. Pele was a famous soccer player. But he got retired. Brazilians made him king of soccer!

The last club he played for was barcelona. but now he has retired from the game..

She played for 18 years and she retired so she could have a family.

Petra Hogewoning was born on March 26, 1986. She is a retired Dutch soccer player.

To accomplish your dream of being a soccer player, practice playing soccer often. Join teams throughout your school years and work with a coach to increase your skills.

I do not have a favorite soccer player but i do have soccer players that i like and that they are good, here are the top 13.. Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo, Zidane (but he retired), Drogba, Gerrad, Lampard, Dida, Raul, Shevchenko, beckham, ronaldo, Roberto carlos,

No, he plays for a Brazilian team called flamengo and he seems to be enjoying it and has won the guanabara cup with them.

A player is eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame after being retired for five years.

He accomplished his dream of being soccer player

You need no education to be a professional footballer/ soccer player. They're are often regarded as being far from intelligent.

Sean Johnson is a professional US soccer player (US national team 2009 on).The female Olympic gymnast is Shawn Johnson, who retired on June 3, 2012.

Clint Mathis is married to Tracy Mathis. Clint is a retired American soccer player. As of June 2014, he is the assistant coach for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.

Being that Neymar is a professional soccer player, I'm going to say soccer.

No, Mia Hamm retired from Soccer in 2004.

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