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It really depends on your state. In Michigan, you can start when you are 14 and 8 months.

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Q: When can you start drivers ed?
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How old must you be to start drivers ed in California?


Can you take drivers ed courses at 15 and then take the test at 15 and a half to save time or do i need to start drivers ed when im 15 and a half?

depends on where u live in SD u can take drivers ed at 14

Will a drivers ed class help my daughter learn to drive?

Yes, a drivers ed class will help her. She will learn a lot in her drivers ed calss.

How old do you have to be to start drivers ed in Massachusetts?

I'm pretty sure you have to be at least 15 and a half.

Can you take the drivers ed test if your 18 and never taken drivers ed if you live in Illinois?

You can take the divers test in Illinois if you are 18 without doing drivers ed. If you under the age 18 you will have to do drivers ed first.

Are Drivers Ed students good drivers?


How many months do you have to be in drivers ed to get a Drivers Permit and how long do you have to wait to get a official drivers license?

You will have to be in drivers ed for approximately 6 months before you can get a drivers license.

Is Driver's Ed a beneficial experience for young drivers?

drivers ed is a very beneficial experience for young drivers. it helps young drivers learn the fundamentals of driving. in conclusion I would recommend drivers ed to a young driver.

What is the age for driver's education?

To take drivers ed in California you need to be 15 and 1/2. <a href="">Ca Drivers Ed</a>

Do you have to take drivers ed to get your permit?

No you do not need drivers ed to take your permit , the permit is questions based off of rules of the road, drivers ed is to teach you how to drive. You have to study the book take test, get your permitthen take drivers ed to get your license.

How can i get free drivers ED?

their is no free drivers ed. you must pay for it buti ts not expensive.

If you're 19 do you have to take drivers ed?

Ther is no law that says you have to take drivers ed. Or even get a drivers license for that matter.

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