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In the NFL both feet MUST be in bounds. In high school one foot MUST be in bounds, and flag football I believe one, maybe two.

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Q: When catching the ball on the sideline how many feet must be inbounds to be considered a legal catch?
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What is considered an inbounds catch in football?

For NCAA football, it would mean having full possesion of the ball with atleast one foot touching inbounds. In the NFL, it would mean having full possesion of the ball with both feet touching inbounds. For both these leagues, a player is not allowed to touch the out of bounds area while making the catch.

Can you return inbounds to tackle another player?

Yes. But (perversely) you cannot return inbounds to catch a pass.

If a receiver catches a ball and is pushed out of bounds is it a legal catch?

Before the 08-09 season, this would be considered a catch. The rules have changed this year and unless the player gets both feet inbounds, it is not a catch. Good rule change IMO as the offense has too many rules in their favor already.

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What constitutes a catch in baseball?

A receiver must have possession of the ball with both feet inbounds for a catch to be legal. A rule passed for the 2008 season has eliminated the 'force out' as a legal catch. Prior to the 2008 season, if a receiver was in the air when catching the ball and a defender hit him and knocked him out of bounds before he landed the referee could allow the catch to stand by ruling the receiver would have landed inbounds had he not been forced out of bounds by the hit. Now, that ruling has been eliminated.

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How many feet must touch to be a legal catch?

In the NFL, a receiver must have both feet land inbounds for the catch to be legal. In college ball, a receiver must have only one foot land in bounds for the catch to be legal.