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why do you want to know

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Q: When could black people start going to college?
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Why do most people agree that students should take a year off before going to college?

so that they could save money and organize for college.

Could you study graphic arts without going to college?

If you want to study graphic arts, you can do it without going to college. However, your only option for achieving a job in this field is only by going to college.

Am i going to go to college?

Yes, you are at a 90% chance of going to college. Only 10% of the people in America don't get a proper schooling.

What are the benefits of going to college?

It could benefit you and your family for a better future

How does Jesse Jackson get paid?

From poor black people who think he is going to help him. He has made tens of millions of dollars from poor black people.

Where did people go to the black market?

There was no where that people went it was more by people knowing someone that could get hold of something that was rationed or un-buyable. This was illegal! you can check out what a blackmarket is by going to

What is personal determinants on going to college?

people who fail school

7 people are in a class and 2 people are going to college what percentage is going to college?

2/7 = 0.286 = 28.6 percent

What are the benefits of going to community college?

It could benefit you and your family for a better future

What comes after high school in us?

You can do many things. after high school is kinda when life starts. you can go to college. you can go get a job. You could join the military. you could also live of your mom and dad and take any benefits they are going to give you. College is what most people do.

How much does a college education cost?

There are many things which can affect the cost of going to college. If you want to go to college without a scholorship or grants it could be a $100,000 expense.

What happend after slavery ended?

Black people had an end to slavery and got there emancipation. They also could go to better schools. They could vote for there freedom and rights. The white people had no jobs. They had to work for a share in the profit. Jim Crows Laws were very strict he said black people had to go to black schools. The Ku Klux Klan troubled them by putting burnt crossed in there gardens meaning a sign that they were going to get killed.