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He wrote "Never Too Late", as well as many of their other songs off of One X while he was in rehab.

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What influenced Adam gontier to write Never Too Late?

Adam Gontier wrote Never Too Late while he was in rehab after being addicted to a drug called Oxycontin.

Does Adam gontier write his own lyrics?

For the most part, yes. Adam Gontier writes most of his own lyrics, with some help occasionally from Gavin Brown. Sometimes his band members will help him as well. On Three Days Grace's song Never Too Late, Naomi Brewer, Adam Gontier's wife, helped him write most of the lyrics.

Who wrote the song Never Too Late by Three Days Grace?

Adam Gontier (The leadsinger of Three Days Grace) wrote all the lyrics to all the songs to The 2nd record "One-X". Which "Never Too Late" is on the 2nd record "One-X".

What did Adam Gontier do for a living before Three Days Grace was formed?

Adam Gontier worked in fast food restaurants in his late teens. Later on, he moved on to be a telephone salesman. After Three Days Grace was formed, he quit being a telephone salesman.

Who is the girl in Three Days Grace's video for Never Too Late?

The girl in Never Too late is Naomi Brewer. Naomi Brewer is Adam Gontier's wife. She helped him write the song Never Too Late, therefore was in the music video.

Who is Naomi Gontier?

Naomi Gontier is the wife of Adam Gontier (lead singer of Three Days Grace). Adam met her in high school and married her in 2004 after his birthday, so basically he married her on May 22, 2004. It took him four years to get with her and eight years to propose to her. They have no children, but they have a goddaughter named Roo. Naomi is thirty-one and is an animal lover. She and Adam make improvs on YouTube named Naomi Faith Brewer improvs. She helped Adam write Never Too Late and starred in the video. She also helped Adam with his addiction to OxyContin. Adam dedicated Three Days Grace's self titled album released in 2003 to her. She is from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Her full name is Naomi Faith Brewer and was born in 1978. Her exact birthday is unknown.

Is Adam Gontier's wife in the music video Never Too Late?

Yes, Adam Gontier's wife is in the Never Too Late music video.

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Does Adam Gontier have any kids?

No he doesnt. He says he has a dog that is so very close to him that he calls her his "1st born" her name is Mabel. Adam also has a goddaughter named Roo. and he and his wife plan on having kids in the "near future" as in late 2010 or late 2011

Is Naomi Gontier the woman at the bar in Animal you Have Become music video?

no, but she's the woman that gets strapped to the bed in the never too late video. heres a pic.

What tattoos does Adam Gontier have?

On his right forearm he has a solid black band and the lyrics to Three Days Grace's 'Never Too Late', and on his left arm he has a tattoo with words made out to his grandmother. He also has two tattoos on his chest. He has a tattoo of his wife Naomi on his left arm, and the word "grace" tattooed on his knuckles on his right hand.

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Whats the meaning of the song never too late by three days grace?

An anti-suicide song, this is about a friend willing to give all he has to help the suicidal friend go one with life. (thanks, Jacquie - Aberdeen, MD)In a radio interview, lead singer Adam Gontier said this song is very personal to him and his favorite on the album. He wrote this song stating it's never too late to turn your life around and see the better things in it. (thanks, Jamie - Brandon, MS)

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When did Adam Gontier debute his solo album?

Adam's solo music has been available on the web since January 10, 2013, but the actual disk probably won't be released to late march or early April. It's not really an album so much as a collection of songs and he has not titled the collection.

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