When did Aesop live?

Updated: 3/23/2024
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Aesop lived between 620 and 560 B.C.

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Aesop is believed to have lived in ancient Greece around the 6th century BC. His fables have been passed down through generations and continue to be popular today.

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Q: When did Aesop live?
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How long did aesop live for?

About 60...

Where did Aesop's FAMIELY live?

I am not sure...

How long did Aesop the fables writer live?

Aesop lived just about 2,500 years ago!

What state did Aesop live?

he lived in greece

Where did Aesop fable live?

He lived in Greece.

Which king did Aesop live with?

he lived with queen wee

Where did Aesope live?

Aesop lived in Greece where he told his fables. He then became famous for telling his fables and in a history book we have a chapter called Aesop's fables!

Who did Aesop live with?

Aesop is traditionally believed to have lived with a man named Xanthus in ancient Greece. Xanthus was his owner and provided him with the freedom to travel and tell fables.

Were did aesop live?

He lived in Delphi, Greece. He also died in Delphi, Greece.

What is the pronunciation for aesop?

The pronunciation for "Aesop" is EE-sop.

Where did Aesop of Greece live?

Aesop lived in Greece.

When did Aesop fable live?

He was a Greek , some say he was a slave.he lived in the B.c. period.