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dec 8 1942

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Q: When did America join in world War II n Europe?
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Did America join World War 1?


How did America feel when World War 1 first broke out in Europe?

The United States planned to stay neutral after the war broke out. However, after the Germans attacked, they decided to join to get even.

When did America join World War 1?

April 6

When did America join World War I?

April 6th, 1917

Sinking of the lusitania led to what?

America declaring war on Nazi Germany and joining the Second World War in Europe.

Why didn't the US join World War 1 sooner?

People in the US felt that Europe was Europe's problem.

Why was America not effected much by the world war 1?

It was in Europe.

Which nation's actions led the US to abandon is neutrality and join World War 1?

will do my best but as i know the key in WWI for America to join was having a secret coded message intercepted and finding out this said pretty much for Mexico to attack America from the south so they would be distracted in their own war away from Europe so they did not join the triple Entente so all and all that is a key cause to why America joined in to the war

Did america give financial support to europe after ww1?

No, America did not give financial support to Europe after the World War 1.

Who did US join in World War 2?

The United States of America joined the Allied Nations in World War II.

Which country did America join in World War 1?

France and Great Britain

Why was it a bad idea for America to join World War 1?

It was bad idea for America to join World War 1 because of the impending war spending that would severely damage the economy. Also, the loss of men to war casualties would lead to labor unrest.