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When did Andre the giant died?

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January 27 1993

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How did Andre the giant died?

Andre "the Giant" Roussimoff died of a heart attack in Paris, France on January 27, 1993.

Did Andre the Giant die?

Yes, Andre died in 1993 .

How did wrestler actor Andre the Giant die?

Andre the giant died in his sleep from congestive heart failure.

How did Andre the Giant die?

The real name of the wrestler Andre the Giant was "Andre Roussimoff". He died in January 1993, while he was in France. He died of a Heart Failure while he was in France.

Was Andre the giant broke when he died?

um no.!.!.!...............

When and where did Andre the Giant die?

Andre The Giant (Andre Roussimoff) died January 27,1993 in Coulommiers, France in his hotel room. He was 46 years old.

How die Andre the giant?

he died from a heart attack

What did Andre the giant die from?

Andre the Giant died from Congestive Heart Failure in 1993. He died in his sleep in a Hotel room in Paris while attending his father's funeral.

How did the wrestler Andre the Giant die?

André the Giant died in his sleep from heart failure.

What year did Andre the giant stop wrestling?

Andre stopped Wrestling in 1991,Then in 93 he died

Who are Andre and murphey professional wrestlers?

andre the giant was from france and died of a heatatack in his motel in france

How tall was Andre the giant when he died?

7 foot 4

Is Andre the giant still alive?

No he died in 1993, y'all.

What did Andre the giant do?

Andre the Giant was a professional wrestler.

How old was Andre the Giant when he died?

Andre was born Andre Roussimoff on May 19, 1946 and passed away January 27, 1993. He was only 46 when he died.

Who will win giant gonzales vs Andre the giant?

Andre The Giant Of Course.

Who would win in a fight the giant gonzalus or Andre the giant?

Andre the giant

Is giant gonzalez Andre the giant?

no two totally different people in different time periods. Besides, andre the giant died in january 1993 about 3 days after the debut of giant gonzalez at the royal rumble

Did Andre the giant died because of hulk hogan fight with him.?

No he died of a heart attack.

When Andre the Giant died how much did he weigh?

He died in paris in 1993 and I forgot his weigh

If Andre the giant is Russian how is big show American?

its simple...big show is a giant from America and Andre the giant is a giant from rusia

Where in the US did Andre the giant live?

Everywhere he went until he died.

Who would win in goldberg vs Andre the giant?

Andre the giant

Who would win big show or Andre the giant?

andre the giant!

Why was Andre the giant arrested?

Andre The Giant was arrested for possession of drugs