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1987 was the last year


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Chevrolet Camaro stopped using back windshield vents in order to reduce manufacturing costs of the newer model of cars. They had no significant function other than aesthetic.

1974 was the last model year for points in a Chevrolet.

Chevrolet stoped making camaros in 2002. They just released the new 2010 camaro.

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Almost all Chevies have been available with 4 bolt mains since the late 50's.

If the chime won't stop on your Chevy Silverado, you can remove the chime fuse in order to make it stop. Open the fuse panel and choose the fuse that is marked 'chime module.'

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In order to stop the paint from peeling on your Chevy, you will have to sand down the affected area, and then paint over it with a new coat. If your 1982 Chevy pickup is peeling off, then it has been repainted. There is nothing you can do except to wax it.

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If cooling fans stop working and engine runs hot wtih A/C on usually excessive head pressure will build in a/c compressor and refrigerant will discharge from system. cooling fans may have a bad fuse or relay should be repaired prior to recharging a/c

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