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When did Christianity develop?


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September 19, 2014 4:27PM

Christianity began to first develop when Jesus Christ began his ministry. The Christian Church began its development in Jerusalem upon Jesus Christ's crucifixion, His resurrection by God, and his ascension into heaven.

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Jesus told His disciples to wait for the promised gift - the Comforter or Helper - at His ascension forty days after His resurrection (crucified 25 April; resurrected 28 April; ascended 7 June 31 AD). Most biblical scholars will point to the releasing of God's Holy Spirit upon those in the Upper Room and then the crowd outside in the City of Jerusalem on Pentecost (Feast of Firstfruits) on Sunday, 17 Jun 31 AD - the start of the Church of God known as The Way and the first Jewish Christians as the Nazarenes. It would be soon afterwards in Antioch, Turkey that these followers became known as Christians.