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Continental Airlines ended in 2012.

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Q: When did Continental Airlines end?
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When did Asia Continental Airlines end?

Asia Continental Airlines ended in 2010.

Is Southwest Airlines better than continental airlines?

Continental airlines is the best airlines

Where might one confirm a Continental Airlines reservation?

Because Continental Airlines has teamed up with United airlines, you can confirm any of your Continental Airlines reservations through the United Airlines website.

What are some of the biggest success stories of companies that have went from Chapter 11 to being successful?

Continental Airlines? Continental Airlines? Continental Airlines?

When was Continental Airlines founded?

Continental Airlines was founded in 1934, and had its headquarters in Houston, Texas. On March 3, 2012, Continental Airlines ceased operation and merged with United Airlines.

When was Asia Continental Airlines created?

Asia Continental Airlines was created in 1999.

When was Continental Airlines created?

Continental Airlines were created on 1934 in Boise, Idaho,USA. Flights begin on July 15, 1934, where the first plane from Continental Airlines flew. However on March 3, 2012, Continental Airlines joined with United Airlines.

Why did continental airlines leave Sky team?

because continental airlines merged with united airlines. United airlines is an airline part of star alliance that bought continental, therefore the deserting of skyteam

What is the stock ticker for continental airlines?

Ticker symbol for Continental Airlines is "CAL" and is listed on the NYSE.

What airline did Continental Airlines merge with?

Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines. The merger was complete on March 3, 2012. The new company retained the United Airlines name, but still flies planes with the Continental logo.

Continental airlines phone number?

Continental airlines customer support: +1 800 932 2732

What is the main airline in US?

Continental Airlines or American Airlines

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