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On June 5, 1849, with the signing of the Danish Constitution of 1849. Every year on June 5, the Danish celebrate Constitution Day. You're welcome.

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Q: When did Denmark become a constitutional monarchy?
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What form of government does Denmark have?

Denmark's government is a constitutional monarchy.

Is Denmark a semi presidential republic?

No, Denmark is a constitutional monarchy

What forms of government denmark have?

Denmark's government is a constitutional monarchy.

Is Denmark a constitutional monarchy?

Yes, it is.Yes, Denmark has a Constitutional Monarchy, which in practical terms means that the royal house have no political power.

What is the type of government in Denmark?

Constitutional monarchy .

What type of government does Denmark have?

Constitutional monarchy.You could call it a democracy, but we have a monarchy. The proper term would be a constitutional monarchy.

What kind of government dose Denmark have?

constitutional monarchy <3

Is Denmark a republic or democracy?

Well, a republic can be a democracy... But Denmark is a constitutional monarchy AND democracy.

Whats the government called in Denmark?

The type of government in the Kingdom of Denmark is Constitutional Monarchy.

Is Greenland a dictatorship?

No Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark and has a constitutional monarchy.

Is Denmark a republican?

No, a democrat. :) No, it's not a republic. It's a constitutional monarchy.

Does Denmark is still ruled by a king or queen today?

The answer is yes, because Denmark's government is a Constitutional Monarchy.

When did japan become a Constitutional Monarchy?


When did England become a constitutional monarchy?

England became a constitutional monarchy in 1688 CE after the Glorious Revolution. The first monarchs to rule with a constitutional monarchy were William and Mary of Orange.

Did postwar West Germany become a constitutional monarchy?


Which one of these countries has a constitutional monarchy?

Britain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway etc.

How did Norway become a constitutional monarchy?

in 1905 the majority voted for monarchy after the separation from Sweden

How did England become an absolute monarchy?

The United Kingdom - which includes England - is a Constitutional Monarchy.

When did canada become a constitutional monarchy?

July 1st 1867.

What are the differences in denmark's government and th US of Americas government?

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, whereas USA is a constitutional republic, meaning Denmark has a monarchy and a queen (it can be a king) who signs the laws. In Denmark there's only one election and whoever wins gets to form the government. There's typically 2 or more parties in a government.

What European country has a constitutional monarchy?

There are eleven countries in Europe that are a constitutional monarchy: Andorra Belgium Denmark Liechtenstein Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden United Kingdom There is also one absolute monarchy: the Vatican

Is America a constitutional monarchy?

no America is not a constitutional monarchy

Does the leader of Jordan do what ever he wants as a king?

Jordan is a constitutional monarchy, similar to Denmark and the United Kingdom.

By the end of the 1600s what had England's system of government become?

A constitutional monarchy

What type of government does the constitutional monarchy of japan have?

A constitutional monarchy.