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Disney Channel was started on April 18, 1983.

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The Disney Channel started in 1983.

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Q: When did Disney Channel start?
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When does the Disney Channel Games 2008 Start?

They start on July 27th on Disney Channel. Hope that helps x

What is Disney channel games When is it going to be started?

Disney channel games start in the summer

How did Walt Disney start the Disney channel?

He didn't. Disney Channel was started in 1983 by The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney died in 1966 at age 65.

When does JONAS premiere on Disney Channel start?

JONAS starts sometime September 09 on the Disney Channel.

What does f start in Disney channel?


When does Disney channel start advertising for oktoberfest?

It started in 2005

When did Disney channel make a change start?

good question

When did Demi Lovato start acting on Disney channel?


When did Bridgit Mendler start starring on Disney channel?

when she was 13

How can i start being an actress in Disney channel when you are 10?

Oh god please, no more Disney Channel starlets! They make me want to kill myself!

Who is Disney channel?

disney channel is not a person, it is a channel on tv!

Who owns disney channel?

Disney Channel is owned by Disney Channels Worldwide, otherwise known as Disney - ABC Television Group. Disney Channel is an American cable channel.

Which channel is Disney XD on?

On sky Disney xd is on channel 607.

Which channel will Disney XD be on?

well you can find it on Disney channel and Disney channel +1

What number is Disney channel on virgin?

Disney Channel is on 724 & Disney Channel+1 is on 725

When did Disney introduce the Disney channel?

Disney Channel was first launched as 'The Disney Channel' on April 18, 1983. In 1988, it omitted the term "The" from it's title to become just "Disney Channel".

When does season 2 of My Babysitter's a Vampire start?

This summer on Disney channel

Who runs Disney channel?

Walt Disney Company runs the Disney Channel.

What channel is radio Disney on for Connecticut?

Disney channel

Where do you audition for Disney channel?

I will audition for Disney channel

Any Disney channel auditions for Disney channel?


What is the Disney Channel Company name?

Disney Channel

Is 58 Disney channel?

no 64 is Disney channel

What is the abbreviation for Disney Channel?

DC (Disney Channel)

What channel is Disney Channel in Tennessee?

At least in Morristown, Tennessee, Disney Channel is channel 54.