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Elvis became popular in the 1950`s after recoeding his first ever single with sun records

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When does Elvis Presley become popular?

In the Mid 1950's

Was Elvis presly the most popular?

Elvis was very popular to the very end.

Why did Elvis Presely music become popular?

because back then rock and roll was the thing and its still around

Who was more popular Elvis or Sinatra?

Elvis Presley is way more popular than frank sinatra.

Who was most popular Elvis or The Beatles?

The Beatles were more popular, as they have sold more albums than Elvis.

Who is more popular Elvis or the beatles?

for the older ones Elvis for the kids the beatles for my opinion Elvis!!!!!

Is Elvis popular?


Who is the most popular singer Elvis presily or the beatels?

Elvis was the most popular all those girls screaming for him

Was Elvis Presley popular?

Yes, Elvis Presley was very popular in the 1950's, 19'60 and 1970's.

When was Elvis presleys music most popular?

Elvis Presley's music was most popular between 1953 and 1977.

Why were Elvis movies so popular?

because people love elvis.

How popular was Elvis?

Elvis Presley was/is very popular. He was and still is The King of Rock n Roll. Many people know him!

What made Elvis popular?

Elvis Presley became popular by the way he danced and singed. He became popular also because of his flashy clothes and music genre.

Did Elvis sing blue Christmas in 1957?

Yes, in 1957 Elvis recorded a cover of Ernest Tubb's 1950 song and the new version went on to become the most popular and well known version.

How did rock and roll become popular?

Rock became quite popular when Bill Haley and the comments released the song Rock around the clock. Then Elvis and The Beatles came along.

When did Elvis Presely become famous?

Elvis became famous in 1956 when he was 21

Where did Elvis become famous?


Was Elvis popular in elementary school?

No he wasn't.

What type of music was Elvis Presley most popular for?

Elvis was a pioneer in rock and roll music.

How did Elvis Presley become famouse?

Elvis was a good singer at a young age and he danced.

What was Elvis Presley's dream job?

Elvis Presley's dream job was to become an actor.

Who was more popular of the celebration of RIP Elvis or Michael?

The ceremonies were equally as popular.

Who is more famous Elvis priestliey or sonic the hedgehog?

Elvis is more popular among adults, but Sonic is more popular among kids and teenagers. It's hard to say who is more popular.

Who sold the most popular records?

I think it was Elvis The Beatles with over 1.3 billion Elvis is 2nd

What year did Elvis become famous?

In 1954

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