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F. Scott Fitzgerald did not win a Peabody Award, as the Peabody Awards are given for excellence in electronic media, such as radio and television broadcasting. Fitzgerald was a renowned American author known for works like "The Great Gatsby" and "Tender is the Night."

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Q: When did F. Scott Fitzgerald win the peabody award?
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Did F. Scott Fitzgerald win an award of any kind for his writings?

No. There is an F. Scott Fitzgerald Award given annually (since 1996, the centenary of his birth) by the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference in Rockville, MD. It is a lifetime achievement award. (Fitzgerald, wife Zelda and daughter Scottie are buried in Rockville.)A Peabody Award was presented to PBS' American Mastersseries in 2002 for its 90-minute biography, F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams.

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