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March 13, 1845 is when the U.S. State of Florida was acquitted by the U.S. Congress, as the 27th State admitted to the Union.

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What year did Florida become a state?

Florida became the 27th state on March 3, 1845.

When did Florida become a commonwealth state?

Florida isn't, nor has it ever been, a commonweath state.

What date did Florida become its own country?

Never. Florida is a state

When did Florida and the us become a state?

Florida officialy became a state March 3,1845. It was the 27th state to join the U.S.

Can a convicted felon become a police officer in the state of Florida?

Not a chance, in Florida or any other state.

When did the Florida panther become the state animal?

It was adopted as Florida's state animal in 1982 by a vote of students through out the state of Florida.

Who was instrumental helping Florida become a state?

the person who was instrumental for Florida becoming a state was David Levy Yulee

What year did Florida become a US State?

In 1845.

When did Miami become a state?

Miami is a Florida city.

When did Florida State University become coed?


When did Florida become a free state?

Florida was a slave-holding state up until the US Civil War. Florida re-entered the Union as a free state in 1868.

Why did Florida not send delgates to philadelphia in 1787?

Florida did not become a state until 1845.

What number state was Florida to become part of the US?

#27; it was the 27th state!!

What state did Florida become?

flordia became a state March 3rd 1845

When did Florida become an official state?

March 3rd 1845

When did football become a state in Florida?

I don't believe it ever did

How and why did Florida become a state?

Because I need someone to tell me

When did agatized coral become the Florida state stone?


What year did the Florida become a state?

March 3, 1845.

What year did Florida become a right to work state?


What is one of the leaders who helped Florida become a state?


How many constitutions has Florida has since it became a state?

Since Florida has become a state, there has been six constitutions. The current constitution that Florida uses was created in 1968.

When did the flamingo become floridas state bird?

The Northern Mockingbird is the Florida state bird.

How didflorida become a state?

Basically, Florida became a state after a treaty with Spain in 1819.

When did the mocking bird become Florida's state bird?

It became the Florida state bird because when you turn it sideway's it looks like Florida