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France is independent since its start. It never was a colony of Another Country.

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What year did France become independent?

In what year did Madagascar become fully independent from France?

When did Gabon become an independent nation?

Gabon became independent from France in 1960

When did Syria become independent?

Syria became Independent from France in April, 17th 1946

When and from what country did Cameroon become independent?

cameroon became independent in January 1960 from England and France

When did Madagascar become independent from France?

Madagascar became fully independent on June 26, 1960.

When did Mali become independent?

From France 4th April 1960

When did Lebanon become independent from France?

November 22, 1943

Did the french revolution cause France to become a country?

No, France had been an independent country for a very long time. It caused France to become a republic instead of an monarchy.

When did Morocco become independent?

in the year of 1956 France gave Morocco independance

When did Botswana become independent from France?

Botswana never was under French domination, so it was always independent from France. However, it is a former British protectorate and gained its independence in 1965.

How did Syria become independent?

syria became indapendant from France in April 17, 1946

When did Cameroon become independent?

From Britain 1st October 1961, from France 1st January 1960

When did French Guiana become a country?

French Guiana is a French departement, then part of France. This is not an independent country.

Why did France want Poland to become an independent state after World War 1?

because they were afraid of the Germans

When did French Guiana become an independent country?

That hasn't happened. French Guiana isn't an independent country, but a part of France. It shows no signs of claiming independence yet.

What countries did Miguel Hidalgo help become independent?

its either England, France, russia, or Spain but i don't know

What is an independent city in France?

Monaco is an independent state and city located in South East France.

When Oman become independent?

Oman become independent in 1650.

What state is France in?

France is not a state, it is an independent country.

Is France a dependent country?

no, France is an independent country

Who ruled French Guiana before it became independent?

French Guiana has not become inependent yet they are sharing borders with France.

When did the colony of New Hampshire become independent?

They become independent in 1679

Is Switzerland independent from France?

Yes, Switzerland is and independent country.

When did Nauru become independent from its colonists?

Nauru become independent from its colonists in 1968.

When did Great Britain become independent?

great Britain didn't become independent AMERICA DID

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