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Frank Mantooth died in 2004.

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Q: When did Frank Mantooth die?
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When was Frank Mantooth born?

Frank Mantooth was born in 1947.

When did Billy Joe Mantooth die?

Billy Joe Mantooth was born on 1951-07-23.

What is the birth name of Randolph Mantooth?

Randolph Mantooth's birth name is Randolph Donald Mantooth.

How tall is Randolph Mantooth?

Randolph Mantooth is 6' 1".

When was Randolph Mantooth born?

Randolph Mantooth was born on September 19, 1945.

How old is Randolph Mantooth?

Randolph Mantooth was born on September 19, 1945.

Does Randolph Mantooth Have A Limo?


When was Don Mantooth born?

Don Mantooth was born on June 20, 1952, in Ithaca, New York, USA.

Was Randolph Mantooth on Ghost Whisperer?

On Ghost whisperer, Randolf Mantooth plays Allen in Season 5 episode 21 "Dead Ringer"

What is the monsters from Halloween wizards of Waverly place?


Does randolph mantooth have any kids?

No, Because He Has No Wife.

Randolph Mantooth is he a christian?

im not in that position to judge if is or not