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12 or 11 months ago.

[Fred on Halloween]

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Q: When did Fred the movie come out?
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When will Fred the movie coming out on cinemas?

Sorry but Fred: The movie will not come out to theaters. It will appear only on Nickelodeon

What cinemas will the Fred movie come out in in England?


Did Fred the movie come out in Australia?

maybe, maybe not

Are they going to make a Fred the movie 2?

Fred the movie has only just come out so i think not at the moment but they might. I don't think there is much else to put in Fred the movie 2!

Is Jennette mcurdy going to be in the Fred movie?

In fact, Jennette McCurdy will be in the Fred move. She will be playing Bertha. A friend of Fred's. The movie will come out September 19, 2010.

When does the Fred movie come out on nick?


When will Fred the movie come out on iTunes in the UK?

December 17th

When come's Fred The Movie to Europe-- United Kingdom and Ireland not counted?

sometime in 2011 or 2012. i don't know if you have this but, netflix has Fred the movie.

Will and when will the Fred movie come out in England?

It will be released on Nickelodeon, on September 13th 2010.

What movie did dancing on the ceiling come from?

Royal Wedding starring fred Astaire

What movie will Fred Figglehorn be in?

He will be in the movie coming out, "Fred the Movie".

Is Fred the movie 2 going to come out on DVD?

it all ready came on nick