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When did Halloween start?


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Halloween started in Ireland about 2,000 years ago with a group of people called the Celtics. They believed in a god called Samhain who was the god of dead and darkness. October 31st was considered the end of the year and as a result they threw a large celebration, which was known as Samhain. This celebration of the autumn harvest and the Celtic new year, when they believed spirits could come back and visit with living relatives.


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Halloween universally occurs on October 31, if it is celebrated.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st but most festivities (parties and trick or treating) start on sunset of that day.

Halloween hours are 4:30-7:00

I'm pretty sure that Halloween originated as the pagan holiday of Samhain.

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•Irish and English immigrants brought the tradition of Halloween to America in the mid 1800s.

Halloween is always October 31st so it begins at 12:00am on this day.

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The first recorded Halloween in Canada took place in 1927. Canada decided to follow the U.S. tradition that celebrates Halloween on October 31st.

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