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On the 23rd of May, 1937.

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Q: When did Ireland first play France in soccer?
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What are some of the final soccer scores between Ireland vs France?

The last time Ireland played against France was November 2009 for a chance to play in the UEFA second round playoff qualification for 2010 FIFA World Cup. The score was Republic of Ireland 1 and France 2.

Who was the first to play soccer?

Francesco Totti was the first to play soccer.

What are popular sports in France?

they play soccer

What sport do France play most?


What sport do they most play in France?


What sport do the people of France play?

Mostly Soccer but they do like some other sports but soccer they play the most

How many people play soccer in France?


What kind of sports dos France play?


Who is the first female to play soccer professionally?

The first female to play soccer was Briana Scurry.

Where do I play indoor soccer?

you can play in a gym first join a soccer team

How do you play soccer in the France style?

with your fand if your name is Henry

What stadium do Northen Ireland's soccer team play in in Belfast?

The Northern Ireland team play at Windsor Park, which is also the home of Linfield soccer club.

What is the first country to play soccer?

England was the first country to play soccer(football) because the sport was created there.

What is The first law of soccer?

The first law of soccer is NOT play the ball with the hands!

Who were the first to play a game like soccer or soccer?

The English

What sports do the people of france play?

rugby, cricket, soccer (football)

When did xavi first play soccer?

He Played soccer for the first time when he was just 11 years

What is the name of the first female soccer player?

Mia Hamm was the first woman to play soccer

How is soccer played in France?

Soccer is played the same way in France as they have to follow F.I.F.A rules. its played like other countries play soccer. the rules of FIFA must be followed. if not, they are not a country who plays football.

What is the name of the first Australian soccer player to play for Liverpool?

The name of the first Austrailian soccer player to play for Liverpool was Craig Johnson

Who was the first African-American girl to play soccer professionally?

The first African-American girl to play soccer is Briana Scurry.

Do people play soccer in France?

Every country plays soccer!I'm only 10 and I know more than you!

Is there American football in Ireland for kids?

Children in Ireland would play soccer, rugby and the national sport of Gaelic Football. They also play other sports. American Football would not be popular in Ireland and very few children would ever play it.

What is the League of Ireland like?

The League of Ireland is the main soccer league in the Republic of Ireland. The standard is not very high because the league is small and it does not have much money and the high quality players move to other leagues in other countries. Lots of people play soccer in Ireland, but attendances at League of Ireland matches is not huge, less than other sports in Ireland. Other soccer leagues outside of Ireland get more attention by the Irish media and people than the League of Ireland does.

Who was the first played soccer?

the first to play soccer (football) was the roman they would have hundred of players but no referee