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near 1680s sir Isaac newton was sitting under a tree when an apple hit on his head...
Between 1684 - 1687; no one know for sure, since some believe that the "falling apple" story is a myth.

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Was isaac newton the first person to discover gravity?

issac newton was not the first person to discover gravity he taught the values of gravity

What did Issac Newton discover in 1687?

he discovered the laws of gravity

What date did Issac Newton discover gravity?

i grabbed balls n threw them

What did Issac newton do to help the world?

Issac Newton discovered gravity.

Who is Isaac Nutron and what did he discover?

His name is Issac Newton and he discovered the laws of gravity inertia and motion

Who was Issac newton and what did he accomplish?

Sir Issac Newton discovered the theory of gravity.

What did Issac newton discover about gravity?

Isaac Newton changed the way we understand the Universe. Revered in his own lifetime, he discovered the laws of gravity and motion and invented calculus. He helped to shape our rational world view.

What would happen if we didn't discover gravity?

well, to be honest, if sir Issac Newton didn't discover the law of gravity, someone else probably will came up with that.

Who explained gravity?

Issac Newton

What force did Issac newton discover when he saw an apple fall from a tree?

Isaac Newton discovered the force of 'gravity' when he observed an apple falling from a tree.

Issac newton explained the?

the laws of gravity.

What did Issac Newton discovered?

he dicovered gravity.

Who proposed laws of gravity?

Issac newton

Who discovered the effect of gravity?

Issac Newton

Who dicovered gravity?

sir Issac newton

What did Issac newton contribute?

he described gravity

What did Isaac Newton discover other then gravity?

Sir Issac Newton did not discover gravity. Gravity had always been known (every observer had seen that objects fell towards the Earth). What Newton did do was develop calculus (a branch of mathematics) and explain gravity as an attractive force between masses. He also put forth the laws of motion.

Who explained law of gravity?

Issac Newton explained the Law of Gravity.

When did Issac Newton discover light?

in 1665 when Issac Newton placed a triangular prism on his desk and saw that it shined out the colors of the rainbow

Who found the earth gravity?

Sir Issac Newton

Who Invented The Priciple Of Gravity?

Sir Issac Newton.

Who discovered gravity by the used of an apple?

Issac newton

What was the date when Issac newton discovered gravity?

on 1665

What did sir isac Newton discover?

Sir Issac Newton discovered Newtonian mechanics, Calculus, some work in Optics and Binomial series. The most famous contribution was in the field of gravity.

A scientist from this country did an experiment about gravity?

yes Issac newton

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