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" But in 1975 it entered public domain, the result of the copyright having lapsed, and TBS began screening it relentlessly, as counter-programming, between Thanksgiving and Christmas."

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When does the movie Its a Wonderful Life air on television this year?

Dec 3th sat. 8pm est on nbc

When will It's a Wonderful life be on TV this year?

The film It's a Wonderful Life, is often shown on TV throughout the Christmas holiday season.

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Whatever It's a Wonderful Sorority Life - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 1 May 1999

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When did the channel CMT first air

What popular childrens tv characters are named after characters in the movie Its a Wonderful Life?

Bert and Ernie.

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How many times does It's a Wonderful Life appear on television in December?

Twice. NBC now has exclusive rights to the film.

Which movie has been watched more It's a Wonderful Life or a Christmas story?

At the present time "A Christmas Story" is shown more often on television. NBC has exclusive rights to "It's a Wonderful Life" and only shows it twice per year.

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