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When did Jesus died?

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Jesus died on the cross before evening on Good Friday.

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Nobody died for Jesus, Jesus died for you.

Jesus died in Jerusalem. He died when he was crucified.

jesus was on earth before he died.

after jesus died his spirit went to heaven.

Jesus was about 33 years old when he died.

No saint died on the cross with Jesus christ , as jesus died on the cross for the sins of all mankind.

No I believe in Jesus who died on the cross for you, me, and everybody.

Jesus died on what is now called Good Friday.

the christians are reminded that jesus died on the cross

Yes, Mary was there when Jesus died on the cross.

jesus died on the festival of pascha not on good friday

Mary stood at the foot of the cross while Jesus died.

jesus died on the cross on a hill called Golgotha which means The Skull

Tiberius Caesar was emperor when Jesus died.

Yes. Jesus died on the cross. We have historical record of this.

Saint Joseph died before Jesus did.

There is no record in the Bible of how any of Jesus' disciples died.

sus did not give Peter anything when he died , as Jesus died first.

jesus died at 33. so we can say that jesus died right in his early thirties: 33

Jesus died for the sins of the world.

No. Jesus died on a cross.

Joseph was the foster father of Jesus. However, he had died before Jesus began his ministry so did not follow Jesus. He died a Jew.

Not only did Jesus die on a cross; but He died on a cross because of His love for you.

When Jesus died on the cross , all our sins were washed for ever.

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