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she didn't die i guess but if she did it was 2010 march 12

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Did Julie payette die?

Julie Payette did not die. She is 50 years old, and she is a Canadian engineer and astronaut. In 2014, she was appointed a Director of the National Bank of Canada.

When was Julie Payette born?

Julie Payette was born on October 20, 1963.

Who is Julie payette?

Julie payette is an astronaut but she studied to be a computer engineer before she became an astronaut.

How old is Julie Payette?

Julie Payette is 47 years old (birthdate: October 20, 1963).

Is Julie Payette the astronaut dead?

No. Julie Payette is still alive to this day. (Nov.14 2012).

Where does Julie Payette live now?

Where Payette LivesMs Payette is an astronaut who lives in Montreal, Canada.

Why did Julie Payette become an astronaut?

She was always intrested in space julie payette went to a few schoolswhen shwew wahs hdsmdghjdgfhddssnd

Why did Julie Payette go to space?

Julie Payette went to space because when she was 10 years old she wanted to be a astronaut and she became one :)

Where is Julie Payette born?

Montreal, Quebec

Why is Julie Payette a celebrity?

Julie Payette is known for being a Canadian astronaut. She participated in two spaceflights, spending a total of 25 days in space.

Where does Julie Payette live?

Female astronaut, Julie Payette currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. She was born on October 20, 1963 in the country of Canada.

What is Julie Payette's birthday?

Julie Payette was born on October 20, 1963.

What is Julie payette doing now?

sighning outograghs

How long has Julie Payette been an astronaut?


Where did Julie Payette born?

She was born in canada

Why is Julie Payette famous?

Julie Payette is famous because she was one of the first female Canadian astronaut to go to space. Also she has won a lot of special awards.

What is a fact on Julie payette?

Julie Payette était une femme très intéressant:):) srry le i peut faire mieux: D She is the first Canadian girl astronaut

When did Julie Payette go into space?

She went to space in 2009

When did Julie Payette land on the moon?

She never did land on the moon.

Where did Julie Payette go to school?

she went to school in montreal.

When did Francois Payette die?

Francois Payette died in 1844.

When did Julie Payette first go to space?

May 27th, 1999.

What song was Julie Payette humming on STS 127?

The girl from ipanema

What does Julie Payette do now?

She is working towards a Doctor and engineer degree.

The name of the representative of the Queen of Canada?

Governor General

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