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Reporters say that the comet has gone off the orbit and now the comet has never been seen again.


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The period of naked eye visibility for comet Kohoutek spanned the end of Nov. 1973 until late Jan. 1974. {That means if you knew where and when to look, you could see Kohoutek without a telescope.} Its orbit was found to be hyperbolic, meaning Kohoutek is on an escape course from the solar system, never to be sen again.

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Comet Kohoutek, formally designated C/1973 E1, 1973 XII, and 1973f, was first sighted on 7 March 1973 by Czech astronomer Luboš Kohoutek. It attained perihelion on 28 December that same year.Comet Kohoutek is a long-period comet; its previous apparition was about 150,000 years ago, and its next apparition will be in about 75,000 years.[1] At its apparition in 1973 it had a hyperbolic trajectory (e > 1) due to gravitational perturbations from giant planets. Due to its path, scientists theorized that Kohoutek was an Oort-cloud object. As such, it was believed likely that this was the comet's first visit to the inner Solar System, which would result in a spectacular display of outgassing. Infrared and visual telescopic study have led many scientists to conclude, in retrospect, that Kohoutek is actually a Kuiper-belt object, which would account for its apparent rocky makeup and lack of outgassing.[2]Before its close approach, Kohoutek was hyped by the media as the "comet of the century". However, Kohoutek's display was considered a let-down[citation needed]. Although it failed to brighten to levels expected, it was still a naked-eye object. Its greatest visual magnitude was -3, when it was at perihelion, 0.14 AU from the Sun. Its orbital inclination is 14.3°. Its best viewing was in the night sky after perihelion, when it had dimmed to fourth magnitude. The comet also sported a tail up to 25° long, along with an anti-tail.C/1973 E1 should not be confused with the periodic comet 75D/Kohoutek, which can also be called "Comet Kohoutek" (as could the comets C/1969 O1 and C/1973 D1, also discovered by Luboš Kohoutek as sole discoverer).This comet was observed by the crew of Skylab 4 and Soyuz 13, thus becoming the first comet to be observed by a manned spacecraft.

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Halley's Comet last appeared in the inner Solar System in 1986, and will next appear in mid 2061.

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It last appeared in 1986 and will appear again in 2061.

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Halley's Comet made its last pass near the Earth in 1986, and will re-appear in 2061.

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