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mid 1800's

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Q: When did Lazzaro discover the theory of spontaneous generation?
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Who favored the theory of spontaneous?

Lazzaro Spallanzani

What is theory of spontaneous generation?

Spontaneous generation is the theory that the creation of life began from an inanimate object. This is obsolete theory. It was also known as Equivocal Generation.

What was Rudolf virchow trying to prove thought his work?

The theory of spontaneous generation was false.

What theory replaced the spontaneous generation?

The theory of biogenesis replaced the theory of spontaneous generation. Biogenesis states that living organisms can only arise from pre-existing living organisms, while spontaneous generation proposed that living organisms could arise spontaneously from non-living matter. The experiments by Louis Pasteur in the 19th century helped disprove spontaneous generation and supported the theory of biogenesis.

What theory did Francesco Redi?

Francesco Redi proved the theory of spontaneous generation.

Which scientist is most responsible for the theory of spontaneous generation?

Aristotle, the philosopher and scientist, was most responsible for developing the theory of spontaneous generation. The person perhaps most associated with the theory, however, is Louis Pasteur, who actually disproved the theory.

What bible verse disproved the spontaneous generation theory?

Nothing in the bible disproved spontaneous generation, the scientists Louis Pasteur and Francesco Redi disproved spontaneous generation in a series of very careful experiments.

Did Darwin support spontaneous generation?

no he developed evolutionary theory

What did Louis Pasteur's experiment prove?

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What was Rudolf Virchow trying to prove through his work?

Spontaneous generation does not happen.

What evidence support spontaneous generation?

There was no evidence and still is none. Louis Pasteur along with countless other scientists have disproved the theory of spontaneous generation.

How do you use spontaneous generation in a sentence?

tanous generation is the theory of life arising from nonliving things