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When did Lord Ernest Hamilton die?

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Lord Ernest Hamilton died in 1939.

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When was Lord Ernest Hamilton born?

Lord Ernest Hamilton was born in 1858.

When did William Ernest Hamilton die?

William Ernest Hamilton died in 1985.

When did Lord Archibald Hamilton die?

Lord Archibald Hamilton died in 1754.

When did Lord George Hamilton die?

Lord George Hamilton died on 1927-09-22.

When did Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton die?

Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton died in 1928.

What has the author Ernest Hamilton written?

Ernest Hamilton has written: 'Mary Hamilton'

When did Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton die?

Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton died in 1964.

When was William Ernest Hamilton born?

William Ernest Hamilton was born in 1902.

What has the author Ernest Marcel Hamilton written?

Ernest Marcel Hamilton has written: 'The identification of atmospheric dust by use of the microscope'

When was Lord Archibald Hamilton born?

Lord Archibald Hamilton was born in 1673.

When was Lord George Hamilton born?

Lord George Hamilton was born on 1845-12-17.

When was Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton born?

Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton was born in 1856.

When was Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton born?

Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton was born in 1909.

Who are John Steinbeck's parents?

Ernest Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton

When did Ernest Shand die?

Ernest Shand died in 1924.

When did Ernest Barker die?

Ernest Barker died in 1960.

When did Ernest Tandy die?

Ernest Tandy died in 1953.

When did Ernest Buttenshaw die?

Ernest Buttenshaw died in 1950.

When did Ernest Gowenlock die?

Ernest Gowenlock died in 1918.

When did Ernest Crofts die?

Ernest Crofts died in 1911.

When did Ernest Picard die?

Ernest Picard died in 1877.

When did Ernest Stapleton die?

Ernest Stapleton died in 1938.

When did Ernest Ikoli die?

Ernest Ikoli died in 1960.

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