When did MOTs start?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: When did MOTs start?
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What is mots in french?

"mots" means "words".

What are a couple of words in French?

'une paire de mots, quelques mots'

When was Daniil Mots born?

Daniil Mots was born on 1991-01-02.

When was Les p'tits mots created?

Les p'tits mots was created in 1983.

What is the English meaning for the word mots?

The French word "mots" literally translates to "words".

When was Tous ces mots created?

Tous ces mots was created on 2006-02-24.

When was Les Mots - song - created?

Les Mots - song - was created on 2001-11-13.

When was Il avait les mots created?

Il avait les mots was created in 2007.

What does traduis les mots mean?

"Traduis les mots" is French for "translate the words". It is a command or instruction to translate the given words into another language.

What are mots?

fench for words

What actors and actresses appeared in Des Mots - 2006?

The cast of Des Mots - 2006 includes: Philippe Reyno

How to spell words in french?