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Manitoba was Canada's fifth official province, joining Confederation on July 15th, 1870.

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Manitoba was the fifth province to enter Confederation. The Government of Canada created the Province of Manitoba on July 15, 1870.

It joined the confederation, in 1870. :D

1. It is not called "confederacy" in Canada. The correct term is Confederation, and it is capitalized.2. Manitoba did not "join" Confederation. Manitoba did not exist as a separate entity before it entered Confederation. Manitoba was created out of the North-western Territories by the federal government.

Manitoba was the 5th province to join Canada. ================================= While Manitoba was the fifth province to "enter Confederation," it was not the fifth province to "join" Canada. To "join" indicates that two prior existing bodies became one. Manitoba did not exist until the Government of Canada created it as a province out of Northwest Territories on July 15, 1870. Therefore, Manitoba did not "join" Canada. The three provinces that originally joined together on July 1, 1867, to create Canada were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the pre-Confederation Province of Canada. Upon Confederation, the pre-Confederation Province of Canada was severed into the Provinces of Québec and Ontario, but likewise Québec and Ontario did not "join" Canada. The colony of British Columbia was the fourth province to "join" Canada (July 20, 1871) and the fifth province to "join" was Prince Edward Island (July 1, 1873).

because manitoba was already a part in canada

Manitoba joined Confederation July 15, 1870. British Columbia joined Confederation July 20, 1871.

The fifth province to join Canada is Manitoba. Manitoba joined in July 15, 1870.

Manitoba did not 'join' Confederation. On July 15, 1871, the North West Territories (a.k.a. Rupert's Land) was acquired by Canada from Britain. On the same date, the Province of Manitoba was created out of the North West Territories. British Columbia was the first province to 'join' Confederation, thereby becoming the sixth province. That was on July 20, 1871.

Manitoba is part Canada. There has never been a time since Manitoba was created where it wasn't part of Canada. Manitoba is next to Ontario, which was the western half of the Province of Canada before Confederation, though Manitoba did not exist at the time.

Manitoba was the fifth province in Canada after the Manitoba Act was passed. It was admitted to the confederation in July 1870.

Newfoundland and Labrador did join Confederation, but not until 1949.

for the fur trade and the railway

Ontario did not "join" Canada. Ontario did not exist prior to Confederation. Ontario was one of the original four provinces of Canada. Prior to Confederation, there was the pre-Confederation self-governing colony called the Province of Canada. It was divided into the Province of Quebec and the Province of Ontario on Confederation.

The last province to join Confederation was Newfoundland, in 1949. The last territory to join Canada was Nunavut, in 1999.

the first four colonies to join confederation were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East and Canada West.

because they liked Canada whats up they joined Canada because they hated America it was partially because of the red river rebellion. search other places on the internet for more information on that.

because the political deadlock was making it impossible to do anything in Canada east and Canada west. ================================================================ Technically, Canada East did not join Confederation. Canada East and Canada West were merely geographical designations, not political entities. The pre-Confederation Province of Canada was the political entity that joined Confederation. Immediately upon Confederation, the Province of Canada was divided into the Province of Québec and the Province of Ontario.

When Canada came into being on July 1, 1867, there were four original provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Each original province entered Confederation at the same time and none has a priority of entry over any of the others. The fifth province to enter Confederation was Manitoba, but it was created by the federal government out of part of the Northwest Territories. Although it is correct to say that Manitoba "entered" Confederation on July 15, 1870, it did not exist as a separate colony prior to its creation. Therefore it did not "join" Confederation. The first province to "join" Confederation was British Columbia, on July 20, 1871. The second province to "join" was Prince Edward Island, on July 1, 1873 .

because it is close to canada

In 1870, Manitoba decided to join four other provinces which had united in 1867 to create the Dominion of Canada.

Yukon joined the confederation of Canada on June 13th 1898.

Quebec joined confederation on July 1 1867.

To protect their exposed Western and Northern borders. If Canada had not taken that land the USA would have and the purpose of Confederation was to keep the USA at bay. This is why Canada used such extreme force in response to Western Discontent at not being consulted as to who their new leaders would be.

They joined confederation because they were have a political deadlock with Canada West MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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