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When Mia Hamm was 5 in 1977 she moved to Texas.

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Mia Hamm finished high school at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Virginia, which is just southwest of Washington. She moved there from Witchita Falls, Texas. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she played her college soccer, is about 150 or so miles away. That certainly had a bearing on her move to Burke, Virginia. Her talent wasn't a secret - she was playing on the U.S. Women's National Team at age 15. Mia attended Winchester High School.

she had had to move a lot because her father was in the air force

The boys in there show are from Minnesota but in real life Kendall is from wichita,kansas,carlos is from missori, logan is from Texas, and James was born in New york city but move to California when he was young.

The legal age to move out without parental permission is 18 in Texas.

he went to texas to fight.

How long do you have to move out of a house that has been foreclosed on in Texas

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If you are an adult, you should be able to move to Texas. If you are not an adult left, your parents will have to give you permission.

Legal age to move out without parental permission is 18 in Texas.

From what location. The answer depends on how far you have to move it.

You are considered an adult at 18 in Texas.

If your probation is being supervised by the state of Texas you will have to petition the court to allow you to move out-of-state and they will have to determine if the state to which you wish to move will accept the transfer of your probation to them.

Seventeen is not yet the age of adulthood in Texas. You cannot move without parental permission.

The cheapest way to move from Louisiana to Texas is to move yourself if you have a truck. U-Haul and other moving companies are very expensive to use.

no, you move out at least at age 18

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In Texas: 17 Other states in the U.S: 18

Legal age in Texas to move out 17 as long as you are still enrolled in school . If not in school you must be 18.

If you qualified, you can collect unemployment from Texas, the "liable state", but not from the state you move to.

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