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Robert Hooke discovered cells in 1665

He was the first to discover cells by finding the dead cells of a cork

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Who was the First person to name cells?

Robert Hooke Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke used the name cells to describe their-?

Robert Hooke used the name cells to describe their shape and pattern.

How is Robert hooke and cells related?

Robert Hooke called Cells Cells

Who was Robert hooke and what he known for?

Robert hooke was a biological Pholosipher who was the first one to discover and name cells.

What did robert hooke discover with his microscope?

Cells. Hooke was the first to observe cells, and also bestowed that name.

What did Robert Hooke name the spaces he saw in cork?

Robert Hooke named the spaces in the cork cell

Who provided the name cell?

Robert Hooke was the first to name cells.

Was the first to name cells and included drawings of cork cells?

Robert Hooke

What did Robert hooke name what he fist saw with his microscope?


What was the scientists name who first described cells?

Robert Hooke

How do you say how Robert Hooke discovered cells in a paragraph?

"Robert Hooke discovered cells in a paragraph?"

What was Robert Hooke was famous for?

Robert Hooke was famous for giving cells their name. He was also one of the 1st people to describe a cell.

What is the name of the scientist that gave the name cells to structure he viewed?

Robert Hooke

When Robert hooke saw cells what country was he in?

Robert Hooke was in his kitchen on his oak table when he discovered cells.

Who was the first person identify cells?

Robert Hooke is the one to identify and name cells.

Why did Robert hooke make the name cells?

He said they reminded him of the cells monks lived in.

What did Robert hooke make to see cells?

Robert Hooke made a, Microscope.

Robert Hooke used the name cells to describe their?

shape and pattern

What did Robert hooke use the name of cells to describe?

Shape and pattern.

In what material did Robert hooke see the cells?

Robert Hooke was looking at cork cells when he coined the term cell.

What did Robert Hooke use to study cells?

Robert Hooke was the first to study and record cells by using a microscope.

When did Robert Hooke record his observations of cork cells?

In 1663 Robert Hooke recorded his observations of cork cells.

When did Robert Hooke discover the existence of cells?

Robert Hooke discovered the existence of cells in 1665 using a microscope.

What is the full name of Robert Hooke?

Robert Hooke

Who named cells cells?

Robert Hooke

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