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He applied for the patent in 1835 and received it on 25 February 1836

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Q: When did Samuel Colt invent the Pistol?
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Why is Samuel colt famous for?

Samuel Colt invented the Colt pistol!

What did Samuel Colt invent?

Samuel Colt inveted the Revolver.

When did Samuel Colt invent the colt revolver?


What was Samuel Colt famous for doing?

He invented the Colt pistol.

Who developed the repeating pistol?

Samuel Colt

Who invented revolving barrel pistol?

Samuel Colt

Who is the first person invented the pistol?

samuel colt i think

Us inventor who developed a repeating pistol?

Samuel Colt

What us inventor developed the first repeating pistol?

Samuel Colt invented the first, practical repeating pistol.

When was the pistol revolver invented?

well Samuel colt made it but i don't know when it was invented

Why did Sameul Colt invent the colt 45?

Sam Colt did not invent the Colt 45. .

When did colt invent bullets?

Colt did not invent bullets.