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Susan B Anthony voted illegally in 1872.

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How did Susan B Anthony get Arrested?

November 5, 1872 Susan B. Anthony was arrested for illegally voting.

Why did Susan B. Anthony want to vote?

Susan b Anthony wanted to vote because she thought that every woman had the right to vote

What is Susan B Anthony Known for?

Susan B Anthony is known for fighting for women's right to vote.

What Problems did Susan B. Anthony have to overcome?

I think Susan b Anthony overcame the right for women to vote

Why is Susan B. Anthony important?

Susan B. Anthony was important because she fought for women get the right to vote.

What was the hardships of Susan b Anthony?

Yo you stupid she got the right to get women to vote

Who did Susan B Anthony give her speech on woman's right to vote to?

Susan B. Anthony gave her speech to a jury.

When did Susan B. Anthony vote?

in 1872

What did Susan B Anthony do that eventually let all women vote?

Susan B Anthony went to jail because she voted and at that time women were not allowed to vote.

Why is Susan B. Anthony famous?

Susan B. Anthony was famous because she fought for United States women to get the right to vote.

In 1872 Susan b Anthony did?

vote illegaly and was arrested for it

Did Susan B. Anthony get to vote?

Yes she cast in a vote in 1872 when it was illegal for women to vote.

Did Susan B. Anthony vote Republican or Democratic?


What rights did susan b anthony want women to have?

the right to vote

Who helped women gain the right to vote?

Susan B. Anthony

What did susan b Anthony think about?

She thought about the right of woman to vote

Did Susan B Anthony help get women the right to vote?


Why susan b anthony arrested?

She was protesting for women's right to vote.

Susan B. Anthony affected others lives because?

Susan B. Anthony was a forceful advocate for Women's Suffrage, the right of women to vote.

What did Susan B Anthony accomplish?

Susan B Anthony accomplished gaining women's right to vote (suffrage), with her best friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Was Susan B Anthony the only woman who tried to vote?

No, many women tried to vote.

Did Susan b Anthony have a hobby?

Susan B Anthony's only hobby was focusing on getting the american women the vote.

What made Susan B Anthony famous?

Susan B. Anthony worked to make women have the right to vote. She played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement.

What is a Susan b Anthony speech?

the susan b anthony speech is about the presidental election and she had a chance to tell the world that wmen and men can vote so it can all be even

How did Susan b Anthony influence the us?

In 1872, Susan B. Anthony voted in the presidential election and was arrested and fined $100 for voting illegally as a woman. Her stand for women and creating the women's movement for equality helped to create the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote.