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Where can one purchase Timex watches for kids?

There are many places where one could purchase Timex watches for kids. The best places to look for Timex watches for kids would be jewellery stores like Jared.

What do timex watches cost?

Timex watches vary in cost according to the style and store of purchase. A Timex watch can be purchased for as little as $25 but as much as $175 or more.

Are TIMEX watches waterproof?


What are some of the features of Timex Ironman watches?

Timex Ironman watches all offer differing features depending on what you are using it for. For instance you can select a Timex watch to monitor your heart rate or if you are running a Timex watch to clock your distance and speed.

Where can one purchase Timex ladies watches?

Timex ladies' watches can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell these watches include Target, Walmart, and Campmor.

What watches have exercise functions?

Timex makes multiple watches with workout functions.

Will Timex do non-warranty repairs to older Timex watch models To what address do I send the watch?

Timex will repair most failures to their watches if sent to the following address.HOTLINE WATCH SERVICEP.O. Box 2740Little Rock, AR 72203However be aware that they will not repair watches that appear to have been damaged by misuse.

How many types of watches does Timex make?

Hi,Timex manufactures a broad range of classy, trendy yet, affordable watches. From casual to sporty, trendy to fitness— they have an excellent collection of watches. If you want to search for watches for men under 2000 or if you want to opt for the luxurious watches; you can have a one-of-a-kind piece of watch. Be it analog or multi-functional, men's or women's, Timex has it all! Go to the websites of Helix, TMX & Teslar & discover the diversity!

How many different kinds of men's watches are there?

There are hundreds of watches out there including Timex and Rolex.

What is a good brand for a sports watch for men?

Sports watches for men come in many different styles and colors. The best watches are the timex watches, the iron man timex watches, and soleus 131. Different watches come in different prices for the deal you desire.

What is the market share for Timex watches in India?


Whats the most popualr brand of watches?

The most popluar watch in my opinion are Timex watches.

Where can you purchase mens Timex watches?

Men's Timex watches can be purchased from a plethora of stores both physically and online. Stores range from Amazon, Timex, Sears, and Kmarts, to other popular shopping centers such as Overstock, Macy's, and even Walmart.

What measurement of time starts with the letter t?

Timex watches

Is there a watch I can buy with interchangable bands?

Timex watches have interchangable bands.

Which company makes the best simple alarm watch?

Timex makes moderately inexpensive watches, some of which including either digital or analog alarms. One of the watches in particular with good reviews is the Timex T47902.

How expensive are timex running watches?

Timex running watches prices depends on the design you like, the quality and the durability. As far as I know, the prices ranges from $69 - $200. You can check there online store for more information.

Do timex gps running watches have heart rate monitors?

Yes to answer your question Timex does offer heart rate monitors, I did a simple look at some online stores and a lot of site popped up that offer such watches. I would look up Timex and wee what all they have to offer

Is Polo club watches a quality brand?

Absolutley not. Timex or a rolex are the best

Where can I find Timex watches?

Macys is where you can find Timex watches for affordable prices. Most department store have sales too off the original price. They range from 33.00 to 360.00 and the average watch being about 100 dollars.

What are the best authentic watches?

Timex watches are one of the most well known and best watches you can buy. Most people would certainly recommend them. They would have very nice authentic watches.

Where could one purchase a Timex Perpetual Calendar?

Timex Perpetual Calendar watches can be purchased at many physical stores and online stores too. Both Target and Sears carry these watches, as do the online sites Amazon and eBay.

Who is better in the overall manufacturing of watches Timex or Fossil?

Both Timex Group, USA and Fossil, Inc. manufacture watches in the Far East and import them into the United States. Both companies also have high-end divisions that manufacture watches in Switzerland. Both companies are known for manufacturing quality watches. Timex, as a compnay, has been manufacturing watches since 1854 (the golden age of American watch manufacturing) and only in the past 30/40 years did they offshore watch production to Asia. Fossil started in 1984 with the intention of selling moderately-priced watches manufactured in the Far East in American markets. In summary, the Timex brand has a more storied history of quality watch production, but in modern times Fossil and Timex are of more-or-less comparable quality.

Where are timex watches manufactured?

My local watch repair man told me they were made in the Philippines.

Who is the Brand Ambassador of Timex Watches?

he is none other than BRETT LEE the ROCKSTAR

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