When did Violet Oakley die?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Violet Oakley died on 1961-02-25.

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Q: When did Violet Oakley die?
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When was Violet Oakley born?

Violet Oakley was born on 1874-06-10.

What has the author Violet Oakley written?

Violet Oakley has written: 'The holy experiment, our heritage from William Penn'

When did William Oakley die?

William Oakley died in 1934.

When did Octavius Oakley die?

Octavius Oakley died in 1867.

When did Oakley G. Kelly die?

Oakley G. Kelly died in 1966.

When did Oakley Hall III die?

Oakley Hall III died in 2011.

When did Thornton Oakley die?

Thornton Oakley died on 1953-04-07.

When did Thomas J. Oakley die?

Thomas J. Oakley died in 1857.

When did Henry Oakley die?

Henry Oakley died on 1912-02-08.

When did Isabel Cooper-Oakley die?

Isabel Cooper-Oakley died in 1914.

When did Thomas Oakley Anderson die?

Thomas Oakley Anderson died in 1844.

When did David Oakley die?

David Oakley died on 2006-07-02.