When did ballet begin and where?

The first form of ballet appeared in Rome during the Rome Pantomime, an ancient Greek tragedy of mainly speaking and dancing. It focused on stiff bodily movements to portray a plot.
Like many art forms, ballet disappeared during the middle ages, but reemerged in 1581 when the first dramatic ballet, the Balet Comique de la Reine, was presented at French wedding festivities. It's reappearance can be linked directly to Renaissance thinkers who borrowed the idea from ancient Greece and Rome and reinvented it.
In 1653, the 14-year-old Louis XIV danced as Apollo in the first court ballet. This was the beginning of ballet as we know it today, with French terms and the idea of strength and beauty coming as one. By 1661, Louis had established a formal royal ballet company.
1681 was the year that a professional ballet company (Paris Opera) introduced the first female ballet dancers. The first Prima Ballerina was Mlle la Fontaine.

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