When did blues music first come about and how?

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Where did music come from?

Answer . Human music has a long and complex history. It may predate language (and certainly predates the written word) and is found in every known culture, past and present, varying wildly between times and places.. A culture's music is influenced by all other aspects of that culture, including ( Full Answer )

What year did music CDs first come out?

Answer . \nJames Russell invented the compact disk in 1965. James Russell was granted a total of 22 patents for various elements of his compact disk system.\nHowever, the compact disk came into popularity when it was mass manufactured by Philips in 1980.

Where does music come from?

Musical Origins . \nMusic originates from a long time ago. It is not know exactly how long music has been around, but it may have originated from people who used natural percussion instruments. This basically means anything which created a noise when it was beat. As time went on, and people had m ( Full Answer )

When did music come out?

Answer . Music was first developed by slaves, who would sing to make the most of their lives. Their songs were usually sad and told stories of their lives as slaves. This slowly evolved into Rhythm and Blues. \n. Much more correct answer . Music has been around since pre-historic times. It ( Full Answer )

What is blues music?

The Blues music is a musical genre which started in the late 19th century (1860s-civil war time) sung by enslaved african americans. Along with spirituals, (work songs-early blues) the blues is considered the Musical root of African Americans. They played the blues in their free time when the slaves ( Full Answer )

When did the first music video come out?

Answer The first video came out in 1975, it was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen No; music videos have been around a lot longer, they used to be used when artists couldn't get to the TOTP studios. There's one from 1970 from Black Sabbath, Paranoid, and there may be earlier ones. However these very early ( Full Answer )

Where did the blues come from?

The blues came from the battlefields when they were using cotton. does that solve your question. The blues first started when the slaves master was out. when he was gone they sung and chanted songs even though they were under strict rules by their master that they was not allowed to speak. They ( Full Answer )

When did blues music first start?

Blues Blues is cool and as a musical term can describe an oral tradition of African American poetry set to music using blues form (typically three-line stanzas with the first two lines being similar, set to a twelve-bar harmonic framework called a blues progression); the form of the poetry and/or ( Full Answer )

Where did the blues music come from?

First answer: Jamaica Second answer(edit): Actually, no, blues music did not come from Jamaica, but originated in Southern USA, in Louisiana.

What is the blues music about?

The blues music began in the nineteeth century and developed throughout the southern united states,from slave work and field hollers

When did blues music first originate?

In america by black slaves who thought this type of music would lift their spirits up preparing for a fatigue(tiring) day.

Who named blues music ''blues''?

There is not just one answer, but one "partial" answer is that Milk of Magnesia came in a distinctive deep blue bottle and when folks were feeling constipated, they had ... da blues..

Who was the first person to play blues music?

Who first played blues music is next to impossible to find. it came from the slaves working in the fields and gospel music the first blues sheet music was Hart Wands "Dallas Blues" in 1912

What is the blues in music?

A thing that this answer is not going to solve...it most certainly is a moan orginating from the Pain.

Where is blues music from?

Blues music originated in America by the black slaves who had been brought over from Africa and made to work in the cotton and vegetable fields there.

What is the blues music?

The blues is a type of folksong which originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century. the blues has a melancholy sound from repeated use of blues notes. The blues is also a state of depression and is the name given to both a musical form and a music genre created in the Deep S ( Full Answer )

What are the musical features of blues music?

The biggest aspect of blues music is a 1 4 5 chord progression for example C F G usually in a pattern of 2 mesures of the root followed by 2 mesures of the perfect fourth followed by two mesures of the root followed by one mesure of the perfect fifth one mesure of the perfect fourth and resolving to ( Full Answer )

What kinds of musics are in blues music?

Common blues songs are shuffles (Blues shuffle) - generally uptempo and Slow Blues (3/4 or 6/8 time signature). Hope this is what you are asking.

In which country was Blues music first heard?

i think it is in africa. do u go 2 hall green school Its USA because the slaves were from AFRICA but were taken to AMERICA where they were depressed and sang songs about their "blues" that is why they use cheapo instruments!

Where did blues music originaly come from?

Blues music originally started in the southern areas of the United States of America, by talented African-Americans somewhere near the year of 1922 to 1924.

Did the blues come from traditional African music?

yes. when the slaves went over to America they sang work songs with traditional African rhythms. this coupled with working in the cotten fields produced a rough outline for the blues we know today

What was the blues music about?

The blues music was started to express the feelings of slaves who worked on the feilds or picked grain and cocoa

Is yellow red and blue the first Pokemon games to come out?

Well, technically the first ever Pokemon games were Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red in Japan. (The reason the remake's colors were red and green, not red and blue like the American audience may have expected.) Then Blue came and was an updated version of the games in Japan, only available through a sp ( Full Answer )

When did High School Musical 3 first come out?

Sweden 28 September 2008 Denmark 22 October 2008 Egypt 22 October 2008 France 22 October 2008 Sweden 22 October 2008 UK 22 October 2008 Austria 23 October 2008 Germany 23 October 2008 Greece 23 October 2008 Hungary 23 October ( Full Answer )

When did rythum and blues first come out?

The Rhythm and Blue VHS was released on January 12, 1999. The first episode on the Video that aired was: Blue Wants to Play a Song Game which aired on December 8, 1996. The second episode on the Video that aired was: What does Blue Wanna do on a Rainy Day which aired on March 29, 1998.

Does an ipod touch come with games and music when you first buy it?

\nnope no music, no videos, but it does come with a few apps (safari, weather, notes, youtube, calander, calculator, maps, email, stocks, itunes, apps store, pictures there are none but you can store them there, clock that has stopwatch, world clock, and other things) plus there are thousands of fre ( Full Answer )

Why do they call blues music the blues?

Blues is invented by slaves from New Orleans To make blues music was their way to express their sadness. They say that blues comes from blue, which is a sad colour. This answer is F**** wrong

When you first start car blue smoked comes out is that bad?

Well, it's not good, but it's not terrible. Smoking for a few seconds after starting indicates poor valve seals. This is most likely due to normal wear and tear, but also can be seen sooner on engines that have been overstressed during the breakin period when new.

What is the sound of the music in blues music?

Blues has many many different sounds, as there is a huge range of styles within the Blues genre, such as Boogie Woogie, Classic Blues, and Jump Blues. Unlike the common misconception, Blues does not have to have a "sad" or "blue" sound to it, of course it can, but it doesn't always. Boogie Woogie is ( Full Answer )

What music influenced blues music?

I'm sure there were other influences, however the main one is said to be the slave songs of African Americans while in the fields. These were sung in a style that later became 12 bar blues. Added: The African American slaves sung blues music whilst working as slaves in the fields etc. They put thei ( Full Answer )

Why are blues music called blues?

I may be completely wrong, but i looked the word "blue" in a dictionary, it says "feeling of sadness" i can relate that definition to the fact that the slaves taken from Africa were the ones who kinda created and gave birth to this genre when they chanted their songs. And most of those songs talked ( Full Answer )

What state did blues music come from?

The blues didn't originate in one exact place. Nobody is exactlysure where the blues came from or when the genre originated becausethe blues came after years of musical experimentation it came frommany places and people. It's roots are african but if i had to picka state id say mississippi.

Is blues music used in modern music?

Blues was derived from a form of jazz in the early 90's stemming from sad feelings of the era. However, it is just a genre. To say it is modern would be like saying reggae is modern.

Why is blues music said to be 'sad' music?

It is only a style of the music. Does Muddy Waters, Memphis Minnie, Johnnie Johnson or Buddy Guy sing sad songs? Too many ways to spend my money 🎸 The lyrics are usually "sad" sounding, hints the name blues. Also, it isn't very upbeat and happy sounding. The themes are usually heartbreak, sa ( Full Answer )

Where did the first musical instrument come from?

Though it requires conjecture, of course, an educated guess would be when the first man clubbed the first hollow tree and was amused by the loud "thunk". All four types of basic musical instrument sound: Percussion, string, reed and brass - predate recorded history.

How did music notes first come to be used in music today?

Very little is knownabout the ancient musicworld, and notation systems are virtuallyunknown to us. It islikely that the ancientSumerians andEgyptians devised symbols to accompany thesystem of hand signsthey used to indicatethe pitch, tone, and shape of themelody. The Chinese had aquite sophisticated ( Full Answer )

What generation did the blue iPod Nano first come out?

The second generation, released in 2006 ,was the first generation to come out with a blue iPod Nano. The 2 GB model only came in silver, but the 4 GB came in blue, green, silver, and pink.