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When did cars become common transportation in the US?


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Cars started to become popular around 1908 and became common in the 1920s.

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They provide us with transportation.

about 7,719,553 according to the US Department of Transportation

Cars have helped us a lot by making transportation easier so that we can get to our destination more efficently instead of walking or running.

In 2009, there were 246,283,000 licensed drivers and 254,212,610 registered cars and trucks in the US. According to the US Department of Transportation, 92% if US households have a vehicle. The average US household had 1.8 drivers and 1.9 vehicles.

It didn't just people ride it! I guess its transportation but that is why are daddies buy us cars

many people in Slovakia have scota's or how ever you say it and they drive cars,buses and same things as us

Cars are useful as they take us from our homes to our jobs, to the store, to events we attend. In western society the car has become a necessity.

You can be born a US Citizen.You can become a naturalized US Citizen.

Before there were highways and railroads, transportation was by boat. On a river. And the Mississippi is the biggest river in the US. Controlling the river controlled transportation in much of what would become the US. Controlling transportation also controlled the economics of the area.

When traveling near by it is the car, and for far trips it is the plane.

the Indians use the sacred animal - the elephants or walking its just that now in the day they use as well as us cars

Cars help us in many ways. Cars are mostly used for transportation, but they can also be used for many other things such as:-delivery (like what cab trucks do)-entertainment ( racing, show, etc.)-they can help you become green (like cars with hybrid technology, fuel efficiency, etc.)-they advance life in America and other parts of the world slowly every day-etc.Improve this answer by adding more to this list, anyone out there.

The US Department of Transportation is headed by the Secretary of Transportation.

Go to the US Department of Transportation website at for the latest data.

They used trains for transportation.

The bus provided transportation for us.

how many cars in the us today

Japan has the same transportation as the US. As a matter of fact, Japan actually had some types of transportation before the US!

wow you don't know the answer BECAUSE PEOPLE GET TIRED AND NEED TRANSPORTATION besides if people would rather walk then they wouldn't use cars and another thing is that when you have a hard time walking you could use transportation

Before the invention of trains and cars, the only means of transportation were water, animals, and walking. Out of these, water was often the most efficient because you have to feed animals and people, but not boats.

Common usage on Canadian National Rail for a line of railroad cars is a "cut of cars". The term most used in the US is a "consist" or a "string of cars". Once the loco ties up, it is, of course, a train.

The US Department of Transportation was created on 1 April 1967.

Because of the lack of other types of transportation (in the US and Canada at least) in other countries (russia, Finland, etc) they have railroad and most people use them for transportation also most roads aren't paved (or at least not well) so most people don't have cars in those countries...hopefully this is what you were asking...

The US has a much larger population than European countries, and there tend to be more cars per capita than in Europe. However, I believe that Europe has more cars than the US total.

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