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why did clear cutting start

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Q: When did clear cutting start?
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What is clear cutting strip cutting and selective cutting?

Clear cutting is cutting every tree in a certain area, strip cutting is cutting portions (strips) in succession, and Selective cutting is only cutting certain trees in an area.

How does the clear cutting logging method differ from selective cutting?

Clear cutting, is the process by cutting down all the trees in an area at once. and selective cutting is when they cut down only some trees in a forest and leaving a mix of tree sizes and species behind. Clear cutting is cutting down everything at once. and selective cutting is cutting down only some trees!

Why is strip cutting better than clear cutting?

.Clear cutting takes all of the trees in an area while strip cutting takes a narrow strip of trees and allows it to regenerate.

What is clear cutting and shelter wood cutting and selective cutting?

clear cutting is trimming ur pubes with a fade, shelter wood cutting is cutting your pubes and ballsack hair, selective cutting is making small little cuts along the pubic area

Why is clear cutting important in Canada?

clear cutting is not important in Canada, it is highly controversial and many people are opposed to it.

What is the verb in this sentence 'the most harmful method is clear-cutting'?

"clear-cutting" The verb is always the doing word

What is clear cutting of trees?


What does clear cutting cause?


What are the similarities in clear cutting and selective cutting?

In selective cutting the owner have to pay to the people to cut the trees and in clear cutting also logger pays the house-owner a percentage of timber sale and pockets the rest

What is the difference between selective and clear cutting?

Clear cutting removes all trees and vegetation. Selective cutting only removes the trees they want, usually the oldest and the best.

What is the subject in the sentence The most harmful method is clear-cutting?

The subject in the sentence is clear-cutting and "the most harmful metod" is the predicate.

Does clear cutting save more soil than selective cutting?