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Dr Daniel Hale Williams married Alice Johnson in 1894.

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Q: When did dr. Daniel hale Williams get married?
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Who did Daniel hale Williams marry?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams married Alice Johnson.

Did Dr Daniel Hale Williams Have children?

No, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams never had any children.

What is Dr Daniel Hale Williams father's name?

Daniel Hale Williams 1

What operation was Dr Daniel Hale Williams Successful at?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was very successful at the heart surgery.

Where was Dr Daniel Hale Williams born?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was born on January 18, 1856 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Was Daniel hale Willams married?

Dr. Daniel Hale William did indeed get married ,he was married to Alice Johnson.

When did Dr Daniel Hale Williams die?


When did Dr Daniel Hale Williams get stroke?


Where did Dr Daniel hale Williams live?

He lived in chicago

Did dr Daniel hale Williams invent anything?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was an African American general surgeon who performed the first successful pericardium surgery to repair a wound.

Who was the founder of Chicago providence hospital?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

What date was Dr Daniel Hale Williams wedding?

Dr. Williams married a school teacher called Alice Johnson who he had met in Washington DC. Their wedding took place in 1898.

How old was Dr Daniel hale Williams when he died?

73 years old

Who founded the Provident Hospital in Chicago?

no its really dr. daniel hale williams

Is dr Daniel hale Williams children still alive?

no they died in 1998

Who was the first surgeon in the world to transplant the human heart?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

How did dr Daniel hale Williams become famous?

Daniel Hale Williams was a physician who performed the first known open-heart surgery in the United States and who founded a hospital with an interracial staff.

What are some problems that dr Daniel hale Williams had to face?

blacks were allowed in med school

Who was the first black doctor in America?

I believe it was Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, but I could be wrong.

What was dr. Daniel Hale Williams sister names?

i dont know all of them, but one of them is sally

How many siblings does Dr Daniel Hale Williams have?

He has 7 brothers and sisters and he was the fifth child.

How did Dr. Daniel Hale Williams die?

Dr. Williams died of a stroke on August 4, 1931, seven years after the death of his wife in 1924.

Is Dr Daniel Hale Williams black?

yes he was he wasn't famous just for the operation on James cornish. he was also because he was black too. PS [not too be races because im black too]

In what midwestern city did Dr. Daniel Hale Williams open the first arican-american hospital?


In what Midwestern city did Dr Daniel Hale Williams established the first African American hospital?